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From to , Homer made studies for and may have painted a series of watercolors and paintings of the life of rural African Americans. Because of his. Both before and after the Civil War, blacks were assigned to the cotton fields while a pervasive racial animosity and fear of a black migratory invasion caused. He also helped open up more land in Georgia for plantations, increasing demand for slaves to pick cotton. Because there was no political will to stop slavery. "Slavery continues to have an impact on America in the most basic economic They went from making no cotton to speak of in to making. 'The Hands That Picked Cotton', which shows not only hands picking cotton, but hands casting a ballot,” by Ed Dwight. #vote #voting. Unknown, Picking cotton in a great plantation in North Carolina, U.S.A., c. Wikimedia. The massive change in the South's enslaved. They grew and picked the cotton that at the height of slavery was the nation's most valuable commodity, accounting for half of all American. The institution of slavery turned a poor, fledgling nation into a financial powerhouse, and the cotton plantation was America's first big. Raw cotton was America's most valuable export. It was grown and picked by black slaves. So Mr Baptist, an historian at Cornell University. Removing seeds from newly picked cotton is not as simple as it sounds. Throughout the s, cotton production was expensive because of the huge amount.

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