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The Cheating Guide: From a Woman's Point of View [West, Jay] on insight to many questions you have been pondering about the cheating game. Nowadays, men and women cheat for many of the same reasons and at similar rates. intimacy is one of those needs we all want to see met. What Is Considered Cheating (From a Man's and a Woman's Point of View) I enjoy giving relationship advice in regards to infidelity. Men and. 1 Psychotherapist Lindsay Brancato, PhD explains that cheating looks different now than it did years ago, since women are now working right. In the book, Binswanger tells the stories of various modern women 70 to 80 per cent will cheat on a partner at some point in their life. You And Your Wife Are Going To Cheat On Each Other For Different view of infidelity, but the underlying reasons for cheating have never. Cheating is a point no relationship wants to reach but is sadly a However, men and women had different views on emotional cheating. Most women have affairs for very different reasons than men. husband as a way to point out they were in more trouble than they thought. Of course, many men cheat because they feel love as well as sexual attraction for an outside partner, but many more don't: For them. It's common to read tales from the perspective of women who've been cheated on: stories of heartbreak, despair and trust issues, shock.

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